The Dragon Born Comes is a song sung by most of the Bards in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Similar to the Song of the Dragonborn, it is dedicated to the namesake hero and its lyrics foreshadow his return.

Plot Edit

The song can be requested by most bards (mainly young female and older males) after the Dragonborn has completed a reasonable amount of the storyline. Several of them, such as Talsgar the Wanderer will personally dedicate it to the Dragonborn, unaware that the said hero is standing right in front of them.

Lyrics Edit

Our hero, our hero

Claims a warrior's heart

I tell you, I tell you

The Dragonborn comes

With a wielding power

Of the ancient Nord art

Believe, believe,

The Dragonborn comes

It's an end to the evil

Of all Skyrim's foes

Beware, beware </nowiki>

The Dragonborn comes</nowiki>

For the darkness has passed

And the legend yet grows

You'll know, you'll know

The Dragonborn's come


  • Some Bards will hestiate when asked to sing the song, indicating that they barely know the lyrics or that the song is an uncommon, if not rare request


The Dragonborn Comes preformed by Karita

The Dragonborn Comes preformed by Karita

Song performed by Karita

Lisette - "The Dragonborn Comes" (Skyrim)

Lisette - "The Dragonborn Comes" (Skyrim)

Song performed by Lisette

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